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Talon Powerboats Launches new Talon 24 RT

Exciting News! Talon Powerboats is thrilled to announce its newest addition to our model lineup….the Talon 24 RT.


The Talon 24RT, based off its legendary roots in the mid-sized sport catamaran category, delivers a 24 foot, full tunnel option and performance to our enthusiasts. Built with the same unrelenting level of quality, hand layup and fully composite construction as the rest of the Talon line…the Talon 24RT is available for order with twin Mercury Racing 300R motors, PPI Race Style Interior, Custom gauge or VesselView package, and a host of additional options, including an aluminum tandem axle trailer.


Please see our revised 2018 Talon Powerboats brochure at….which now includes the Talon 24 RT as well as the rest of our model lineup. Including the Talon 22SS, New Talon 23R and NEW Talon 26X.


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Industry News & Events


Mercury and Mercury Racing announce their new hot rod V-8 four stroke 250R and 300R. 

Talon Powerboats is extremely excited about Mercury Racings new line of high performance motors, and will bring you updates as we further test and integrate them into our Talon 22SS, and upcoming new Talon 23R and Talon 26X models.

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Press Release

Columbus Ohio – Talon Powerboats LLC and Screaming Eagle Boats are announcing today an exciting expansion in the powerboat market.

Screaming Eagle Boats, well known builder of various high performance catamaran powerboats including Talon, Spectre and numerous custom Formula 2 and hydro race boats, and highly recognized for their unrelenting focus on high quality design, manufacturing techniques, layups, and rigging are expanding their capabilities globally along with an exciting new partnership with Talon Powerboats LLC.

Screaming Eagle Boats, in alliance with the Talon Powerboats LLC are now expanding their business operations and focus on the Talon brand together. Talon Powerboats LLC, now operating as a dedicated business entity, including ownership of the Talon 22 SS, Talon 22 XL and now the Talon 26 models, will focus on product development, innovation and expansion of the Talon brand globally, has formed a strategic partnership with Screaming Eagle Boats, who along with their Spectre business, will focus on the highest quality product and hand crafted design & manufacturing techniques and will continue to fully build and rig all Talon models.

Both Screaming Eagle Boats and Talon Powerboats LLC teams are extremely thrilled about the partnership, expansion and what it means to the small and midsized catamaran market and our demanding customers. The alliance allows both companies to apply laser focus on their unique specialties and core competencies, which translates to more innovation, production of the highest quality super sport catamarans for our clients, and bringing modernized and new models to market including the upcoming Talon 23R and the Talon 26X.
Please watch this space for more exciting product updates and news from both Screaming Eagle Boats and Talon Powerboats in the coming months.
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