About Talon

Talon Powerboats is a high performance boat manufacturer, who brings race bred design and manufacturing experience to our winning line of catamaran Talon models.


The Talon name proceeds itself.  Designed and built by one of the marine and powerboat industry legends, the Gary Armington “Talon” catamaran design was ahead of its time. Architected for pure performance and winning offshore titles, the various length models set the standard for catamaran speed and stability (both center pod & full tunnel), with a unique and aggressive stance.  The Talon force continued to expand through the mastery and vision of another powerful force in the powerboat industry, Todd Lamb. Who brought even more race bred experience, vision and unmatched design & manufacturing precision to the Talon models. 


Today, Talon Powerboats continues to bring evolution and innovation to Talon brand, including new and advanced manufacturing materials and techniques through our exclusive partnership with Spectre Powerboats. Talon’s revised styling, and exciting new models which integrate new products and technologies from our premier partners, now shift us to the next generation of Talon.  Talon Powerboats manufactures are craftsmen in their art, and passionate about quality, workmanship and performance.  Our client enthusiasts demand it.  Our team is hyper focused on bringing a customized design and build experience to our customers, and a unmatched product that delivers years of top-level performance.

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“Demand Performance”